Mike DeCapite

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Mike DeCapite grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and started writing his first novel, Through the Windshield—"a Whitmanesque hymn" to that city (Jocko Weyland, Rain Taxi) — after moving to London in 1985. DeCapite finished the book in New York, and excerpts first appeared in three issues of Richard Hell's CUZ magazine in the late '80s. Through the Windshield picked up a small cult reputation by way of published excerpts, readings, and word of mouth, and DeCapite published it with his own Sparkle Street Books in 1998. In his review of Through the Windshield for the Austin Chronicle, Harvey Pekar called it "one of the better American novels of the past several years." From 1993 to 2005, DeCapite lived in San Francisco, where he worked on a second novel, RUINED FOR LIFE!, excerpts of which have appeared in 3:AM Magazine and Sensitive Skin. DeCapite's short story "Sitting Pretty" appeared as a CUZ Edition in 1999, and was then included in The Italian American Reader (William Morrow 2003; HarperCollins 2005). During 2003 and 2004, he wrote Radiant Fog, a column for angle magazine. In 2005, DeCapite returned to New York. In 2012, he published the chapbook Creamsicle Blue ("a spectacular piece of writing," Karen Lillis @ Karen the Small Press Librarian). He followed it in 2013 with Radiant Fog, a collection of personal essays. DeCapite lives in New York.


Backroom Broadsides, Fox & Crow, Jersey City, New Jersey, July 2, 2019

Guide to Kulchur, Cleveland, Ohio, November 26, 2013

The Literary, Cleveland, Ohio, March 9, 2012
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Through the Windshield
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Sitting Pretty
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